My Vet AH App

Download the My Vet AH app today!

The My Vet AH App:

My Vet Doggy Daycare offers the same app as My Vet Waterloo and Zetland. If you are an existing client who has previously downloaded this fantastic system, then there’s no need for another download in order to schedule appointments or chat with our staff at your local clinic! Similarly clients could make use of it while booking their next appointment online here too – see ya soon 🙂

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Rewards Program

All your loyalty stamps will be tracked, and you can redeem offers right at your fingertips!

Offers can be redeemed at both My Vet Doggy Daycare and My Vet Waterloo & Zetland.

Schedule Appointments and Chat With Us!

You can request appointments through the app, or chat with us if you have any questions regarding your furbaby.

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Order Food and Prescription Medications

Have you ever wanted to order food or medication through our app? Well now’s your chance! Exclusively for My Vet Waterloo and Zetland clients only.

Set Reminders

All of your furry friend’s reminders may now be set in one location! Never miss giving their medication ever again!
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But First… Take a Selfie!

Who’s the cutest furbaby in town? Share a selfie and find out!