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At My Vet Doggy Daycare, we value you as a customer and thank you for your continued support of our business. We would like to show our appreciation to our new and loyal customers through the following offers and promotions:

Referral bonus

Thank you so much for referring us to your friends and family! Word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients are the highest praise, and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your love of My Vet Doggy Daycare. In appreciation for every new customer referral, we will reward you with $10 Account Credit, which can be used for any product or service at My Vet Doggy Daycare, My Vet Waterloo or My Vet Zetland.

To be eligible for a Referral Bonus, your customer referral must include your name under the ‘Referral Details’ section when completing the New Client Form.

illustration of a closeup of hand using phone to refer a friend
illustration of a group of dogs holding welcome sign