Puppy school

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We recognize that the first few weeks after bringing your puppy home are a joyful but hectic period. Our expertise at Puppy Pre-School is unmatched. It has been thoughtfully created to provide you and your puppy the greatest possible start.

We offer:

  • A comprehensive five-week course taught by our Delta-Accredited instructor Kim Doran.
  • We train dogs and their owners using motivational techniques.
  • Upon course completion, we arrange a graduation ceremony. Your pup gets to dress up in our graduation attire for some lovely pictures that will make great keepsakes.

On completion of the course, you will also receive:

  • Your diploma from the Puppy Pre-School,
  • A goody bag filled with wonderful freebies!
  • The prospect of making new doggy pals in the park,
  • A puppy with outstanding manners,
  • And a genuine sense of accomplishment.
Puppies can enrol when they are 11-16 weeks old. Our trust- and respect-based training techniques are intended to encourage your dog to work for you rather than fear. After each lesson, we email handouts and videos on the material we covered, and we are pleased to provide online and phone help.
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I’m interested, tell me more!

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The locations of our classes are My Vet Doggy Daycare & My Vet Animal Hospital

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On weekends, puppy classes are held in the afternoon

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This is dependent upon the program you enrol in

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$250/5-week program. $30 for graduation cloak & hat

Theory & Practical Lessons

Our first class is held on Zoom and focuses primarily on theory. You will receive helpful materials and videos showing you how to conduct real-world exercises after the class. The final four classes, all of which are practical, are taught at My Vet Doggy Daycare in Zetland.

What your puppy will learn:

  • The basics

    Basic commands like sit, gaze, touch, down, unwind on your mat, and stay are just a few that your pup will learn. You can successfully navigate our busy urban environment with the aid of these fundamental abilities.

  • Loose leash walking

    Refrain from pulling the lead before it even begins. From the beginning, we’ll assist you in teaching your puppy how to behave when walking on a leash.

  • Sit to greet

    When your dog gets older, the jumping may no longer be as cute. We can demonstrate to you how to socialize your puppy by having him sit when being greeted from an early age.

  • Recall

    If you want to allow your dog the freedom to play with their buddies in the dog park without a leash, they must have a solid recall.

  • Management

    Puppy life in the city comes with its share of difficulties. As you are aware, they basically eat everything! To manage these difficulties and more, we can assist you in learning cues like “drop it” and “leave it.”

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What you (as a paw-parent) will learn:

  • How to “speak dog”

    It is crucial to be able to interpret other dogs’ and your puppy’s body language so you can determine how they are feeling. When you can make better decisions based on what you see, your dog will be more self-assured, balanced, and content.

  • Toilet training

    We can demonstrate to you the beneficial methods for teaching your dog where the toilet is. You’ll discover the secrets to success and quickly potty train your puppy.

  • Socialization

    Puppies go through multiple (important) socializing phases that can have a significant impact on how they develop into adults. We can demonstrate for you what to expect, when to socialize your puppy securely, and how to do so at their rate.

  • Alone time

    We all should have the ability to leave our puppies home alone. However, puppies must be taught that our departures are safe. We can offer you professional guidance on how to prevent separation anxiety and develop a dog that is content to be by itself when left alone.

  • Problem-solving skills

    Similar to humans, dogs go through various stages of development. From fearful phases to disobedient teenagers. We can provide you with the knowledge and abilities you need to successfully move through various phases of their lives.

What to expect

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Week 1

The first lesson we teach is theory-based and covers all the essentials, such as potty training, controlling biting and chewing, alone time, sleeping arrangements, setting boundaries, and the value of socialization.
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Week 2-5

Our weekly practical lessons educate you on how to teach your puppies the basics and beyond. Once you know what you are doing, your puppy will follow, and you can work together as a team.

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You’ll get specific instructions each week on what you need to focus on outside of class. Puppy training takes time, persistence, and patience, but it’s fun and SO worth it!
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Real life situations

We will offer you the assurance you need to put the lessons you and your puppy have learned in class to use in real-world scenarios. Additionally, we will show you how to stop problematic behaviours before they start.